Use-Revolution vs. Use-LiveCode

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Fri Jun 15 09:30:37 EDT 2012

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, Richmond wrote:

> On 06/15/2012 04:29 AM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
>> Because change for some people is hard. I gave up trying to change people.
>> I still tend to use when I type it in, and just how many
>> years is that?  And babblefish, too . . . but it's been a long time
>> since I've typed "altavista" . . . :)
>> time to go back to working on hypercard, err . .
> Why not search the web with Lycos? and use Lynx as your web-browser?

Err . . .

There is a *single* reason I stopped using lynx a few years ago.

In an updated release, something went wrong  with the code for launching
external applications on links.  I had had "." set up to launch  a new
exterm running lynx on it, so that I could step through a news site (or
whatever)  and launch everything I wanted to read.

And Lycos?  Harumph.

No match for altavista . . .


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