holidng another variable name within a variable

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Jun 14 15:44:25 EDT 2012

dunbarx wrote:

 > The instances where this is needed were learned by experience,
 > frustration and luck.
 > Same with embedded text, a variable within a variable, so to speak.
 > You must evaluate twice, as you did by longhand, or use a "do"
 > construction for brevity.

When you need variable variables arrays are a natural fit.

The workarounds we all learned were only because HC didn't support 
arrays.  But now that we have them, we can make general-purpose 
containers for any number of values stored by any name.

So instead of the funky:
   do "put" && myText" && "into" && the foundChunk --or somesuch

...we can simply write:

  put myText into tMyGeneralPurposeDataStore[someLabel]

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