Seeking a navigation system among 200 individual / card DB for attendance at camp

Ken Corey ken at
Thu Jun 14 05:15:34 EDT 2012

On 13/06/2012 17:59, Mark Rauterkus wrote:
> Hi LC Pros and the Rest of the world more experienced than me:
> I am searching for a "navigation system" for my>200 card camp
> attendance project. Pointers welcome.

I'm always intrigued by questions like this, because it gives me a 
chance to try out a new use case, which usually leads to me being 
impressed with LiveCode again.

My code is at  (case is important).

I started at to create the list of names I 

The stack is saved with the names already in 200 cards.  If you want to 
change the names, just make a new file with the names (one per line), 
and click on the 'load' button.

When the stack is opened you're shown card 1 with 200 names in a 
scrolling list.  If you click into the single-line search box and start 
typing, the list dynamically updates.

Of course, this is an incredibly naive brute-force approach.  The names 
are not sorted in any way, so each search is a linear top to bottom 

Still, it's okay for a 30 minute hack job.

Hope someone finds it interesting.


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