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Wed Jun 13 22:10:51 EDT 2012

Monte Goulding wrote:

 > It doesn't really matter what it's called but the language already
 > has the concept of a scale ratio so it would make more sense to use
 > the term scale to me rather than parrot the syntax of a single
 > platform.

Like "iphoneDeviceScale"? ;)

Agreed:  if they can come up with a non-platform specific token for 
that, I'm not particular about what that token is.

 >> Can you describe a specific workflow example in which that would be
 >> useful?
 > Hmm... A group within a group with different scales? Maybe a map with
 > a mini overview map in the corner.

If nested groups with different scales could be supported easily enough, 
it would be consistent with other property handling to allow the 
inner-most object to define its own scale, inheriting the scale of its 
parent when its own scale property is empty.

 > I've always wanted a view object (or property of a group) where a
 > stack or group could be presented within the view. Now if the view
 > object had a scale ratio then we are in business are we not ;-)

Gain Momentum had a View object that worked exactly like that, allowing 
you to view any stack from within any other.

If implementing scaling is easier for RunRev to implement through Views, 
even better for me since that was one feature in Gain I really miss.

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