mergDataGridScroller Control?

Monte Goulding monte at
Tue Jun 12 20:16:33 EDT 2012

Hi Ken

> So, the obvious questions:
> 1) Is this better than my putting a datagrid into an iScroller on iOS?

It's the same. mergDataGridScroller is a convenience wrapper group that sets up the scroller for you.

> 2) does Android have its own native scroller now in LC5.5?

I believe I'm required to say 'no comment'

> 3) Monte, any plans to update this control for the later versions of LC?

Yes, although mergExt is purchased as is like most software you buy the intention is it will be maintained as part of of the suite. In the event an android native scroller becomes available in a public version of LiveCode the control will be updated to use the native scroller in the version it becomes available. The control source is actually un-password protected to alleviate the concerns some developers have about that. That's probably the way I will go for any libraries, plugins, controls etc that are part of mergExt. For the externals I'm considering an higher level of membership that includes source but I have yet to have someone request that so...

> 4) I'm not sure...but is that control covered by a mergext license?

Yes, it's part of mergExt although it's probably the least reason to buy it. mergExt will gradually evolve beyond iOS externals and this is the first baby step in that direction. At least it will if I can get a few more people interested in what I'm trying to do ;-)


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