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> Pixelation is a byproduct of raster images, and the Android dev guides already provide a good system for supplying an app with four sets of raster images to handle the four main categories of display types - extra bonus points if the engine could handle dynamic swapping of image sets accordingly.
> <>

I would suggest reasonable first step would be to add a cross platform screenScale function. From there much of the other stuff could be scripted. however if we did get a scale object property we could:
set the scale of this stack to the screenScale
> Once coordinates are abstracted, it would be ideal to be able to apply them to specific objects in addition to the card or stack as a whole.

This is a really interesting idea and I must have missed the discussion on it. I love playing with ideas like this even though they rarely get implemented.

Let's say it was implemented and an object with a scale of 1 had to operate on an object inside a group with a scale of 2 (yes poor design I know) what scale would the operating object need to use? Would it need to multiply by the scale of the group before setting the location of the control inside it? 

What about groups within groups with different scales? Is the scale relative to the parent or the screen density?


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