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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 12 16:28:28 EDT 2012

Charles E Buchwald wrote:
> Hi List,
> I don't post here very often, but I wanted to share this little plugin tool I've made and have been using.
> The timing seems right, what with all the discussion of screen resolutions and such.
> ResTool is a small palette for resizing your stack to a number of standard screen dimensions.
> You can switch from portrait to landscape orientations, subtract an arbitrary number of pixels to account for a status bar, and move the stack around on the screen. There are buttons to shift the stack up and down, left and right--useful, for example, if you are working on a laptop or smaller screen and developing a stack meant for HD1080 resolution in portrait orientation. (That's exactly what got me started on this in the first place.)
> There is a substack with a chart of common video standards and aspect ratios, and a couple of useful tables (via the "Ref" button.)
> No documentation, really, but the tooltips should help if anything isn't obvious.
> Put it your Plugins folder, of course.
> Get it here:
> If you have any suggestions, additions or edits, please feel free to modify it as you see fit, or send me such ideas. I hope some of you may find it useful.

Nicely done - thanks for posting that.

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