English language learners and LiveCode

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Tue Jun 12 14:58:19 EDT 2012


I think large companies like MS or Apple can have educational programs that they can write off as charity, but it becomes a much more difficult thing to do with small to mid sized companies. It's tempting to think that exposing students to something like Livecode would enhance learning in general, but is that true? It seems it would only assist a computer programming class, and something as specific or "niche" as Livecode, as much as I love working with it, would not even be my first choice were I to be setting up a basic high school or junior high curriculum. 

That being said, I can envision a great deal of benefit deploying educational apps to schools, were someone to create them. To be attractive however, there would have to be a whole range of products, or a single product that allowed a school to purchase different modules. Otherwise it might appear too specific to purchase as a generalized tool for education. 


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