mergDataGridScroller Control?

Ken Corey ken at
Tue Jun 12 10:15:44 EDT 2012

Hi All,

In one of my projects, I was looking to create a DataGrid that works 
under iOS.

I managed to do it, and the performance was fine in the simulator, and 
at 320x480 on my iPad 2, but at full 1024x768 resolution on the iPad 2 
the performance was abominable.

When I asked the list, nobody had any suggestions, as the problem seemed 
to be a "group within a group" issue.

Today I noticed that Monte Goulding has a control called 
"mergDataGridScroller", and that it puts a datagrid into a scroller on 
iOS, and has a scripted solution on Android.

So, the obvious questions:
1) Is this better than my putting a datagrid into an iScroller on iOS?
2) does Android have its own native scroller now in LC5.5?
3) Monte, any plans to update this control for the later versions of LC?
4) I'm not sure...but is that control covered by a mergext license?



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