LC and ImageMagick from OSX

Bryan McCormick bryan at
Mon Jun 11 14:57:25 EDT 2012


It turns out to work perfectly well under 5.5. However this is on Lion. 
And Lion was apparently very unhappy. For convert for example, I had to 
specify the path to convert (using Andre Garcia's trick of 'which 
convert' to get the path) AND the explicit path to the output file. In 
this case I just wanted to get a dump of the RGB values from a file and 
output it to a text file. So, the trick was making the path to the 
destination text file explicit. Works fine. And for batching it's pretty 
handy. Although it may well be that using LC with binaryDecode is 
actually a bit faster in this one case. Next, figuring out how (or if) 
optional param passing works. The task I set this up for was to build a 
bunch of custom palettes based on the colors from each image.

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