Geography based game?

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Mon Jun 11 14:11:30 EDT 2012

Hello Folks,

First post to the list from a relatively new user.  I've been lurking 
and learning for the last six months or so and I have to say that this 
list is one of the reasons I purchased a LiveCode seat.  What a great 
resource!  Besides, I got started in 3d years ago when the only place to 
be was on a list like this one, so there's definitely a nice oldskool 
kind of comfort level that you just don't seem to get on a web forum.

I've been absolutely delighted with what I've been able to do with 
LiveCode so far!  I've mainly used it for some simple but custom 
business type apps used at my day job (Wine buyer and merchant).  I hope 
to also eventually produce some apps to help out in my freelance visual 
effects work.

In the meantime, I've been tasked by a friend to help develop a 
geography based game for her middle school class.  Since there will not 
be an internet or wifi connection allowed, it rules out any connection 
to Google maps and related data.   I'm not sure how to begin to approach 
a self contained version.

The basic premise is similar to some of the flash based online geography 
games.  A location is presented and the user taps or clicks  where they 
believe it exists.  Points would be determined by how close the guess is 
to the actual location.

Any thoughts as how to initially approach this without the use of Google 
Maps or any other online content would be wonderful!


-- Best regards,

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