Disappearing script editor window

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Tue Jun 5 05:47:21 EDT 2012


LC 4.6.2, IDE, Win7: from time to time, when opening a (another) script, the
script editor window "disappears" and I can't get it into front anymore. I
still can see it in the taskbar and when flipping thru the open windows with
Alt+Tab the still is a placeholder of my script editor window, but it is
empty and it can't be selected. Same when selecting the window from the task
bar. The IDE still is responsive and I can open other IDE windows.

I have to save, close the stack and reopen it again to get access to the
(standard) editor window. Has anybody encountered this behavior and perhaps
has a trick to bring the window in front again without closing everything?





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