Licensing & selling an Android app

Richard Miller wow at
Mon Jun 4 21:45:59 EDT 2012

Thanks Jacqueline & Shawn,

I did more testing at Verizon, and it seems several of these methods 
work reliably and can be mastered by most Android owners.


On 6/3/2012 9:49 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 6/3/12 5:16 PM, Richard Miller wrote:
>> Are you certain that this works this easily on most Android devices?
>>  From my little testing, this didn't seem to work reliably. I had to use
>> an app like tAttachApkInstaller (specifically designed to install apk's
>> sent by email), but even that didn't seem to work reliably or easily on
>> the half-dozen phones I tried at Verizon.
>>> If you send the apk as an email attachment, clicking the link in the
>>> email will install the app provided the customer reads the email on
>>> their Android device.
>>> There are many other ways too, but they usually involved an Android
>>> file manager. Dropbox is another easy, direct way to install but not
>>> all your customers may have that.
> I tested by sending an email to my gmail account with an apk attached. 
> Gmail showed the attachment as an enclosure with a button next to it 
> titled "Install". Clicking that installed the app right from email.
> I didn't try with my regular email account, so maybe it would be 
> different. Or maybe it depends on the version of the Android OS or the 
> mail client the OEM installs. But I'm with Shawn, just about every 
> android user knows how to get an apk to their device. Like him, I was 
> doing it within a day or two after getting my first Android tablet.
> There are so many ways to transfer an apk that I'd be surprised if any 
> but the very newest android user didn't know how. You can:
> 1. Attach the device to the computer via cable and drag the apk over. 
> Open it using the built-in file manager on the device and it will 
> install.
> 2. Drag it to a dropbox folder (or any other cloud service,) open it 
> in dropbox on the device, it installs.
> 3. Email it to yourself. If the enclosure doesn't install when you 
> click it (it did for me,) it will download instead. Then use the file 
> manager to click it to install.
> 4. Link to a download on a web page. The android browser will download 
> it from the link. When the notification appears that the download is 
> complete, tap the message in the notification bar and it installs. Or 
> at any time later, select "Downloads" from the browser menu and tap on 
> the downloaded file in the list to install it. (This is another easy 
> option.)

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