Licensing & selling an Android app

Shawn Blc shawnlivecode at
Sun Jun 3 18:32:31 EDT 2012

I'm definitely still learning when it comes to LC, however I've installed
hundreds of apk files on various Android enabled devices using
apkInstaller.  From those that I know and even my 12 year old daughter
knows how to install apk files that aren't available on the Android Market.
  With the apkInstaller app or similar, you can install apk files via
email, dropbox, your website, USB, etc.

Even if you put the apk on your mini sd card in your Android device you
should have no problems installing the apk with or without the apkInstaller.

On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 5:16 PM, Richard Miller <wow at> wrote:

> Are you certain that this works this easily on most Android devices? From
> my little testing, this didn't seem to work reliably. I had to use an app
> like tAttachApkInstaller (specifically designed to install apk's sent by
> email), but even that didn't seem to work reliably or easily on the
> half-dozen phones I tried at Verizon.
>  If you send the apk as an email attachment, clicking the link in the
>> email will install the app provided the customer reads the email on their
>> Android device.
>> There are many other ways too, but they usually involved an Android file
>> manager. Dropbox is another easy, direct way to install but not all your
>> customers may have that.
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