[LiveCodeServer / on-Rev] SqlLite - Insert…. very slow

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de
Sat Jun 2 15:56:03 EDT 2012


i have here a script which

- creates a local  sqlLite DB
- creates a Table with 13 fields
- insert 3000 records from a textfile

On my Mac this takes about 20 seconds. On an iPhone this take approx. 60 seconds plus the download time for the 3000 line textfile. 
So i thought doing this on the server and let the iphone just download the gezipped sqlite file is much faster.

So i tried this with livecode server on the On-Rev system. It takes about 4 minutes to run the script.
I tried to do the sql inserts  one by one and also in segments of  10,50,100. Nothing improves the processing time.

Is this a normal behaviour under livecode server? I thought this could be done in 2 or 3 seconds.

My code looks like this

put  "produkte.sqlite" into tDatabasePath
put revOpenDatabase("sqlite", tDatabasePath, , , , ) into tDatabaseID  	
repeat for each line l in tList  	
  --tList contains 3000 lines with 13 items each
  put "NSERT INTO produkte VALUES ('value-01','value-02','value-03','value-04','value-05','value-06','value-07','value-08','value-09','value-10','value-11','value-12','value-13');" into tSQL
  replace "value-01" with item 1 of l in tSQL
  replace "value-02" with item 2 of l in tSQL
  replace "value-03" with item 3 of l in tSQL
  replace "value-13" with item 13 of l in tSQL
  revExecuteSQL tDatabaseID, tSQL
  end repeat
revcloseDatabase tDatabaseID

I tried this with livecode server 3.5.0 (original on-rev) and livecode server 5.0.2.

Any ideas anyone?



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