Licensing & selling an Android app

Colin Holgate coiin at
Sat Jun 2 09:51:36 EDT 2012

Amazon is more straightforward. Not sure if they have the same DRM options you have in Google Play. With Google Play you can take an easy route, and hope there isn't too much piracy, or you can go for another option they have that somehow encrypts the app to make sure it will only play on the purchaser's devices.

One big thing to watch out for is that when you first submit an app to Google Play, and haven't yet set up how they will pay you, the app will be instantly available as a free app. You're not allowed to charge for an app that started off as a free app. That can be solved by creating a new app with a different app ID, but that's a shame to have to do, just because you didn't notice that your app was placed as a free one.

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