Licensing & selling an Android app

Richard Miller wow at
Sat Jun 2 09:38:10 EDT 2012

What are people doing to sell and license an LC-created Android app?

I looked at Google Play, but that appears to use a non-LC-compatible 
licensing process. What can be done to restrict illegal app copying, 
short of writing a custom app registration process, as would be done for 
any desktop app?

Also, I don't believe Google Play's in-app billing system is LC 
compatible yet. So that apparently means it is necessary to submit a 
version of our app that requires payment in advance by the customer (in 
addition to a free test version). Is that right?

Has anybody published an Android app through any market other than 
Google Play? For example, Amazon? Is that a better choice?

In our case, we are not focused on using any service/market to help 
promote our app, as we can do that directly from our web site. Our app 
is highly targeted. Just looking for the easiest way to install our app 
on a customers device, and potentially restrict illegal copying.

Richard Miller

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