[MAC OS GRIPE] editing filenames in MacOS finder

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 27 05:36:42 EDT 2011

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

So you are up to your eighth Mac, and began back
in the heroic times when the screen was so small,
that you wouldn't even consider it today.

And you think that you kow everything about
the Mac, and don't even bother to read the
"What's New" section when the new System
Version is released.

Then you read the mails on this forum, and
realize that the learning curve never stops,
and that the watchword should always be ...

Phil Davis wrote :

> I find it's sometimes easier to:
> - select filename
> - hit RETURN on the keyboard - instant edit mode! no waiting!
> - edit
> - hit RETURN again - back to normal

Thanks Phil - Something new ..... every day !


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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