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Le 23 sept. 2011 à 21:19, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> A way to avoid this is to have the app always running, as a sort of daemon process, listening on a specified socket for incoming instructions.
> The problem with that is that it'll only be allowed on dedicated servers or some VPSes; I don't know of any shared host that allows custom daemons.

Yes and i had to own dedicated servers to eun such kinf of apps along the teen years i used, as you probably remember, this way to go.

And, probably most important and problematic, this kind of solution runs in single thread mode as long as the server is build on top of a simple Rev/LC stack. I would't use this way to go anymore, even if i did before for years. Works well indeed as long as there are not too many concurrent connexions (say 10 to 15) send to the server's stack by the PHP socket listener/translator. 

But interlocking states of the Rev/LC process could always happen is this kind of configurations and i had to compose with someones over the years, say one time peer quarter of years on my biggest running app at that time (around 2500 enrolled clients).

On the other hand pure cgi-scripts "à la" are - at least for me - no far from unsuitable for agile cgi programming. Fortunaly, LC-server solved this all and it's yet amazingly easy to code inside a single IDE session both the client and server sides parts of our n-tiers apps as Stephen Brancard pointed it out weeks ago.

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