[OT] Warp Drive, Here We Come

Pete pete at mollysrevenge.com
Fri Sep 23 13:07:04 EDT 2011

My remembrance of the theory of relativity is pretty dim but I think the
point is that the speed of light IS infinite speed in the sense that the
whole theory depends on nothing being able to travel faster than light.
 That's why this CERN thing is such an amazing discovery, at least if it's
proved to be correct.

I seem to remember that there has always been a mystery surrounding the fact
that certain subatomic particles appear to "know" what others are doing
instantaneously, meaning the knowledge is transferred faster than the speed
of light.

It's almost as fascinating as trying to figure out how LC globals work ;-)
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On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 9:37 AM, Bob Sneidar <bobs at twft.com> wrote:

> WARNING: The following contains a Biblical reference in relation to time
> and space, so delete now if you will be offended.
> I think the idea is that the faster something goes the more space time
> compresses. I have always wondered however at setting the limit at the speed
> of light, or to any speed, as speed implies moving from one point to
> another, meaning that space-time is not fully reduced to nothing yet. It
> seems to me that the point would have to be infinite speed, at which point
> space time would be compressed to nothing.

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