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Thu Sep 22 09:04:03 EDT 2011


If only the web deployment module could output to either Ajax, Air,
Flex or HTML5 this would no longer be an issue. 


On Thu, 22 Sep
2011 11:44:02 +0100, Keith Clarke wrote: 

> Thanks for the sense-check
Pierre - good to know that the concept isn't pure fantasy! :-) 
Yes, there is some complexity, but given what the RunRev team are
achieving with the engine, iOS and Android ports and LiveCode Server,
I'm certain that they could solve this - given the appropriate
awareness, appetite, capacity and business case to act.
> My point is
that RunRev wouldn't necessarily need to sell-off the family silver to
fund development of a basic, useful, standards-based web deployment
toolkit - one that wouldn't take forever to realise. 
> Best
> Keith..

> On 22 Sep 2011, at 11:18, Pierre Sahores wrote:
>> Keith, Le 22
sept. 2011 à 09:56, Keith Clarke a écrit : 
>>> Obviously, any
technical architect reading the above will realise that I've no idea
what I'm talking about ;-)
>> The only constraint to get in mind to
achieve your proposal in a clean and rock-solid way is that the "stack's
to html+dom+js+css" translated component will by definition become a
multi-users application and this is what makes this project a little
more complex - but full doable ! - task than just having simple stack's
cards converted to html+dom+js+css widgets. 
>>> However, this it
seems less than impossible - and with a modular KISS approach, some
aspects seem relatively easy (at least to state the requirements!) But
even if it isn't easy, if RunRev don't grasp the nettle on this,
developers who must deploy standards-based rich apps into cloud and
locked-down Enterprise environments will be forced elsewhere, which
would be a shame.
>> Again, this project is suitable in using LC to
build the needed framework but this will need some time and invests to
achieve the project in the needed professional-grade way. ww
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