Comma-Delimited Files on Macs

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Sep 21 03:49:21 EDT 2011

stephen barncard wrote:

> I always thought that file suffixes were the 'old' method of typing files (
> a PC problem ) and vastly inferior to the flexibility offered by the file
> types property of files. This was a point of OS superiority because it
> didn't rely on users including file suffixes correctly. And users never
> liked suffixes and never saw the need for them and often left them off. Now
> we have those annoying popups telling me I'm an idiot for changing the
> suffix.
>  Even though the resource fork was dropped years ago, the file type and
> creator was still working until recently.
> A step backward, IMHO>

Your passion is not without good allies.  When the NeXT team arrived at 
Apple headquarters, they felt creator codes and file types were "the old 
Mac way" and had to go.  When news of this crept onto the HI Dev List 
back in the early days of OS X, the arguments became so heated that it 
became only the second time in the company's history that they shut down 
a discussion list.  It was years before it came back.

The arguments such as yours that favored file type and creator codes 
were what kept them around for another decade.

But alas, finally the NeXT team has had their say....

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