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Tue Sep 20 12:37:00 EDT 2011

Hi Marty,
Best I can think of is to get the dgProps["column widths"] property of the
datagrid.  It contains a comma-delimited list of the widths of the columns
so by adding up the first 3 items of the list, you'll get the left edge of
the 4th column, and adding the first 4 items of that list, you'll get the
right edge of the 4th column, both relative to the left edge of the
datagrid.  From that you can figure out thew width and placement of your
field. I don't know if the width includes the separator line between the
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On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Marty Knapp <martyknapp at> wrote:

> I have a datagrid with several columns, column 4 of which contains a
> number. Under the datagrid I have placed a field that keeps a total of the
> values in this column. I would like this field to match the width of column
> 4 and align itself directly under it so that if a user changes the column
> width, my total field will realign itself with the width and placement of
> the column. How would I go about doing this?
> Thanks,
> Marty Knapp
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