Comma-Delimited Files on Macs

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Sep 18 15:34:04 EDT 2011

Roger Eller wrote:

> Why is LiveCode's default delimiter a comma, such as in the dateItems?
> Is it simply because it is visible, whereas a TAB is not?

I believe that's why it was chosen for HyperTalk, and RunRev followed 
suit on that.

For the data types supported inherently in HC, it's generally okay 
because they don't include in-data commas (dateItems is a good example).

But by letting scripters put their own data into such chunks it opens up 
a world of potential hurt, which is why SuperCard, OMO, and LiveCode 
support customizable delimiters (the itemDelimiter and lineDelimiter 
properties).  HC would probably have added those too had it lived long 

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