Can LiveCode be used as an intermediary for two scripts?

Michael Kann mikekann at
Sat Sep 17 18:17:45 EDT 2011

Mike, using LiveCode you can complete this project faster than small town gossip.

>From your LiveCode script call up php_export_script to extract the data you need. Write the data to a text file and format it the way php_input_script likes it. 

For the middle database you can modify the php_input_script to save a copy of the data in your middle database before sending it on to the "official" database.

How big are the chunks of data being moved around and how often do they need to be updated?



Hello all. 

Before I use LiveCode for this project, I am curious
if LiveCode can do it. 

I have two php scripts utilizing MySQL. One is
feature poor and can ONLY export data as a CSV (no other customization
is possible) and the other is feature rich and allows for php POST and
GET and also allows custom tables and fields to be created. 

I need to
create a program where I intercept the data export of one and send
specific field data to the other. 

It has to run in the background and
work invisibly with no actual input. 

Can LiveCode be used to create
such an intermediary program? If not, what would I be better off using?
PHP? Python or Lua? Javascript? 

As another hurdle, I think the client
wants me to create a middle database to hold the data that passes
through for governmental reasons. I need this to be in one program -
Step 1 would be to intercept the incoming exported mysql data (in CSV
format) and place specific fields into the middle database and then
route it to the other script and database. 

Thanks for your help.


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