LiveCode and Google Contact data

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Sat Sep 17 15:51:35 EDT 2011

Hi Andre,
Thanks but as the main challenge was extracting the Google Contacts list, I went with a manual 'save as CSV' for now.

However, I have given my son the challenge to introduce 'Sempre Alerta' at his next Cub Scouts meeting! ;-) 

On 16 Sep 2011, at 19:20, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Keith,
> You can probably output a vCards file from Google Contacts. I built a
> vObject library for LiveCode in 2004, it might help you.
> I made it available at I was going to share on
> RevOnline but I can't find the damn login.
> Be Prepared, or as we say here, Sempre Alerta
> andre
> PS: Former Sea Scout Master of the Seventh Sea Scout Group of Rio de Janeiro
> - Benevenuto Cellini.

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