Something that makes Windows 7 look good

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Sep 16 22:07:09 EDT 2011

On 9/16/11 8:37 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> ...don't get me started... let's see: the cartoony interface, the use
> of the ribbon in the OS, the fact that I spent two hours figuring out
> that I needed to use a generic network driver instead of the correct
> one for my laptop's network device, the LACK OF A DOS PROMPT, the
> inability to launch the 32-bit OS in a VM, the lack of access to usb
> devices (may be more of a VirtualBox thing needing to catch up), the
> inability (so far) to enable the administrator account... did I
> mention that there's no dos prompt?

Tell us what you really think. :) Actually I was reading about it last 
night and I couldn't look past the first screen. Too ugly. The reviewer 
pretty much panned it too.

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