LiveCode and Google Contact data

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Fri Sep 16 11:55:31 EDT 2011

Hi folks,
Has anyone experimented with extracting Google Contact data from within Livecode? 

As a weekend project, I intend to replace the sprawling spreadsheet that is our current local Scouts' District directory with:
a) Google Contacts to manage the details of the ~150 volunteers who work in/across 6 related Scout Group charity organisations within our District
b) (as Google Docs has no mail-merge facility) LiveCode to generate a printable PDF directory (that gets shared as a Google Doc, back to these volunteers).

I've managed to squeeze the multiple roles that volunteers undertake across organisational boundaries into Google Contacts Groups and custom fields, but I'm wondering whether to even attempt any automation of the manual Google Contacts CSV export step to get the data into LiveCode.

I've not played with any of the Google APIs, so don't know how complex this would be - or where to start, really. Is this a one-line of code HTTP(S) get call or a library I ned to build. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.   

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