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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Sep 16 09:33:30 EDT 2011

Klaus wrote:

> I recently found out that the playback of movies with the "alwaysbuffer" set to true
> is NOT as jerky (not jerky at all, actually!) as it used to be in "older days"!
> LC 4.6.3, QT 7.XX (whatever came with Lion).
> OK, the controller is not usable in that case, but that is no problem.
> When did this change?
> Is this reliable?
> Any hints?

I could be wrong, but my guess is that this changed with the rendering 
overhaul in v2.7.

Yes, it is pretty nice.  I've only played with it in development, 
though; I won't be able to use it in production until I can get native 
Windows Media Player playback working reliably (that is, honoring the 
startTime - see <>).

If we had reliable playback that honors the startTime without QT, it 
would be a snap to make a custom controller that provides looping, 
selection, etc., without requiring our users to download and install QT 
(which many of the IT staff at our installation sites refuse to do, and 
with a very capable media playback engine already included with their OS 
I can't blame them).


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