revFontLoad: font size issues?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Sep 15 00:39:26 EDT 2011

Recently, Curt Ford wrote:

> thanks for the ideas.. I'm not sure what you mean by explicitly
> setting the font styling at startup - would that be setting the
> textSize & textFont of the stack, or something else? In a handler, or
> the stack's property inspector, or both?

Yes, I meant cycling through all fields in a startup handler and explicitly
setting the font/size (and any other needed text properties) of each field
and/or text run.  Of setting the font/size of all objects to empty and
setting the font/size of the stack to whatever you want.

> I've tried setting the textSize & textFont of the stack in the
> property inspector, with no change (the IPA font appears on Windows,
> but it's very small).

What you're describing *sounds* like what occurs when font styling doesn't
get honored across platforms.  The size of a field can be speced at 24
points (and checking the textsize property confirms this) but visually the
text is displayed at something like 10 or 12 points.  What often trips me up
is the text contents of a field object will have a different textSize
setting than the textSize of the field itself.

> It seems like such a basic thing.



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