provisioning nightmares-- any help?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Sep 14 22:34:10 EDT 2011

After I've created a certificate, then created a provisioning profile and
installed both, then assigned an APP ID and made sure it's also in the LC
standalone settings along with the correct provisioning filename, I do a
build. And after I build, I drag drop the bundle onto my Applications tab in
the Organizer and I get the message, "The execuatable was signed with
invalid entitlements. The entitlements specified in your application's Code
Signing Entitlements file do not match those sepcified in your provisioning

Anyone know what's going on?

Also, is there anything better than LC's lame-o Release Notes on how to
provision for iOS? I've noticed they miss quite a few steps in the process.
Has anyone written up a basic guide. I always hate going through this
process for each new app as it's such a hit and miss endeavor, always
costing many hours of trying one thing, then another, etc..

Chipp Walters
CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc.

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