revFontLoad: font size issues?

Curt Ford curt at
Wed Sep 14 16:34:01 EDT 2011


thanks for the ideas.. I'm not sure what you mean by explicitly  
setting the font styling at startup - would that be setting the  
textSize & textFont of the stack, or something else? In a handler, or  
the stack's property inspector, or both?

I've tried setting the textSize & textFont of the stack in the  
property inspector, with no change (the IPA font appears on Windows,  
but it's very small).

I've also tried a simple stack that does nothing but set the htmlText  
of a field to the contents of an HTML file that specifies the font  
size; the html code in the file was pasted from LiveCode, as the  
htmlText of a field that was displaying properly on the Mac, so I'd  
think it should display OK. Here too though the text is very small on  
Windows, though the html has tags like ..

<font face="Charis SIL" size="18" lang="en-UC" color="#000000">ɔ</font>

..around every IPA character. This makes me think using htmlText won't  
be a solution.

It seems like such a basic thing. Does anyone have a recipe they've  
used, or would a project that requires a specific size/font really  
have to be created separately on Windows?


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