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Wed Sep 7 17:17:23 EDT 2011

Thank you, Bernd. You saved me a lot of time and made me look at the docs and my code just one more time :-) It works now.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 7 sep 2011, at 20:52, BNig wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> I got 2 scrollers to work on one card. It worked very well. One was
> vertically and one was a horizontally.
> To find out who has send the message use the  iphoneControlTarget() function
> try something like this:
> on scrollerDidScroll pOffsetX, pOffsetY
>   lock screen
>   local tWhoCalled
>   put iphoneControlTarget() into tWhoCalled
>   if tWhoCalled is sScrollerID then
>      --set the hScroll of group "BigGroup" to pOffsetX
>      set the vScroll of group "BigGroup" to pOffsetY
>   end if
>   if tWhoCalled is sScrolleridT then
>      set the hScroll of group "ThumbsGroup" to pOffsetX
>      --set the vScroll of group "ThumbsGroup" to pOffsetY
>   end if
>   unlock screen
>   --put pOffsetX, pOffsetY into field "Offsets"
> end scrollerDidScroll
> Kind regards
> Bernd

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