DataGrid and my headache

Inselfan baleareninsel at
Fri Sep 2 15:49:17 EDT 2011


Working with RR/LC since 1997 (my actual Version: LC 4.5.3). Now I want to
start working with something new to me: DataGrid. And it's making me mad.

Doing the exercises as described and also made a Data Grid "field" from the
Tool-bar with the name DataGrid1.

on mouseUp
   put "state" & tab & "code" & cr & \
          "ALABAMA" & tab & "AL" & cr & \
          "ALASKA" & tab & "AK" into theText
   put true into firstLineContainsColumnNames
   set the dgText[firstLineContainsColumnNames] of group "DataGrid1" to
end mouseUp

gives me a permanent error: 
button "Button": execution error at line 12 (Chunk: can't find background),
char 49

I also can not find all the "dg*" words in the dictionary. Do I miss
something, what also has to be installed?

It would be so kind, if you'll be able to kick me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot


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