Copying from MS word into RunRev 4.0

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Sep 2 15:28:58 EDT 2011

On 9/2/11 2:08 PM, Keith Clarke wrote:
> I'm confused, how do you know the characters are missing until you
> paste the clipboard contents somewhere within LC to render them and
> see them?

The clipboardData is already a variable, so examining it to see what was 
actually copied should show accurate info. But you do make a good point, 
because looking at the variable contents has to put it into a field 
somewhere, even if it's only in the variable watcher. It may be the 
field rendering that's wrong instead of the clipboard content.

Jonathan, you could test that with something like this:

get the clipboardData["text"]
put numToChar(<whatever Word uses>) is in it

If the message box shows true, then the characters are in there but the 
field isn't rendering them. You can then do a replace looking for 
numToChar(<whatever>) and replacing those with regular apostrophes.

There was a bug in the database about copying text from Word. It was 
fixed and closed some time ago, but if the above doesn't work I think 
you should enter another bug report about it.

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