Windows compiled apps with UAC

Andrew Henshaw henshaw at
Thu Nov 24 13:01:50 EST 2011

Im just playing with the Windows 7 Software Logo Toolkit and it throws up a couple of errors or warning when running my app.

No problem there,  most can be fixed but one  relates to the UAC settings.

It states the app must be set to include a manifest for 'asInvoker'.   

Ive set the setting in the standalone builder to allow this,  and it gets round the error,  but when run in a standard users account (as opposed to an admin user) the app fails when it tries to access any external dlls,  so as soon as there is supposed to be a read from a database nothing happens.

Get rid of the manifest and everything works as it should.

Any ideas on how to fix this so it can pass the test,  and work??



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