[BUG] - Scrollbars in LiveCode

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 10:01:14 EST 2011

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 2:21 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at hyperactivesw.com>wrote:

> I can't get either the arrows or the scroller space around the thumb to
> work unless I double-tap. If I do that, they both work. My system prefs are
> set up to allow tap-tap-drag. If I turn that off, no kind of tapping does
> anything, the scroller is unresponsive.
> Probably worth a bug report.
> Jacque,

you are spot on. Seems I got completely confused with what I had turned On,
then Off, then On again - this tapping is all dancing to me, with two left

Could I ask a favour and have you submit to QCC; I use to have an account
ages back, but no longer; I don't think my 1 trip there every couple of
years is worth me setting up another one. I'll happily provide the details

OS X 10.6.8
LiveCode 5.0 Build 1460

Scrollbars in LC do not respond correctly to single Taps when OS X Track
Pad preferences are set to 'One Finger - Tap to Click'. When set this way a
single Tap is equivalent to a single mouse click. All other LC objects,
such as buttons, only require a single Tap. To manipulate LC scrollbars
with Trackpad Tapping you must set the preferences to 'One Finger -

1) To use LC scrollbar arrows you must double Tap - incorrect, should be
single tap.
2) To move forward/back one page you must double Tap above or below the
scrollbar Thumb - incorrect, should be single tap.

3) To drag the LC scrollbar thumb you must double Tap and drag - CORRECT.

You can test this within the IDE, open the Dictionary or Preferences ->
Script Editor, and compare manipulating the LC scrollbar with, say,
scrolling a pdf in Preview.

Additionally, if you go to LC Preferences -> RevOnline and test the slider,
the same fault is present, understandably, but there seems to be an
additional scripting error. If you single mouse click (or double Tap due to
the current bug) on the left of the Thumb, the Thumb will decrease by 1 -
Correct. But, if you single mouse click on the right of the Thumb, the
value increments by 1 then immediately decreases by 1. If you look really
carefully, you'll also see that if you click and hold (or double Tap and
hold) to the right of the Thumb, the value will continuously increment, but
as soon as you release it will decrease by 1.

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