[OT] A FLASH in the pan? Part 2

Matthias Rebbe matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de
Tue Nov 22 01:53:31 EST 2011


i have no problems with OT posts. I even post some.
And if i have the time, i read all posts of this list.

I just was worried that this discussion might end in a flame war.
English is not my native language. Maybe therefore  it felt for me like the discussion
might go up in that direction. If this is not the case, go on.

But keep in mind, i´ll  read every post. ;)


Am 22.11.2011 um 02:59 schrieb Chipp Walters:

> I always chuckle at these sort of posts: "please stop as this is out of
> control!" it's almost like folks believe they HAVE TO read posts marked
> OT-- as if they're caught in some sort of clockwork orange brainwashing
> scene unable to control their impulses:
> http://media.weirdworm.com/img/misc/7-weird-movie-scenes/clockwork-orange.jpg
> For the most part, most of us all know each other. Stephen- a great guy and
> Jacque a super gal. Richmond always discusses "different" stuff and Colin
> always imparts an interesting twist on how to do things-- and yes, we're
> all adults who can manage our own selves without the "sky is falling"
> mantra of folks who can't stand any sort of divisiveness OR who have a hard
> time JUST NOT READING posts which don't interest them.
> One of the best parts of this list is we don't only discuss, "how many
> ticks in a second" --and sometimes take the time to learn about who each
> other is and what they stand for. So, please, instead of telling us to stop
> discussing, please try the delete button. If, you're worried about clogging
> your email box then consider getting a Gmail account, or perhaps using the
> forums.
> On Monday, November 21, 2011, Matthias Rebbe <
> matthias_livecode_150811 at m-r-d.de> wrote:
>> Gals and Guys,
>> please stop here.
>> I am always shocked, how easy a OT runs out of control.
>> Regards,
>> Matthias
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> Chipp Walters
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