Android/iOS datapoints

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Mon Nov 21 13:45:55 EST 2011

On 11/21/11 12:35 PM, Colin Holgate wrote:
> One of my Flash buddies gave me some figures for you. For this app (originally written in GameSalad, re-written in Corona):
> Here are some sales figures for a one year period:
> iOS: 106,000 copies sold
> Android: 72,000 copies sold
> Android without Nook or Fire: 5,000 copies sold

You know him? Cool. I downloaded that game and played it on the plane on 
the way back home from the last Rev conference. It was perfect for the trip.

But I remember that it was the free Amazon app of the day, which is how 
I noticed it and so I grabbed it. That makes me wonder how many of the 
Android numbers were downloaded for free?

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