Android/iOS datapoints

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Mon Nov 21 11:02:06 EST 2011

Does anyone have experience yet of selling an app (whether made with LC or 
not) in both iOS and Android marketplaces?

I'd be particularly interested in apps that are sold (as opposed to free apps) 
but any data better than none.

I've seen a lot of speculation about size of markets - more Android devices 
than iOS, countered with 'but android users don't pay for apps' and 'android 
marketplace is fragmented'; and about barriers to development - Apple make you 
jump through arbitrary hoops, versus fragmented hardware on Android.

The most recent take I've come across is this, which makes a bold assertion 
but doesn't provide any data to back it up:

I don't think it's possible to get objective data on development effort - 
though I'd welcome any anecdotes - but I am hoping that someone out there 
might have real data on an app sold on both iOS and Android, and be able to 
give some idea of the sales (and/or revenue) ratio that they've experienced 
(note I say ratio, I'm not asking anyone to give out actual sales or revenue 
if they're not comfortable with that, but just ratio between iOS and Android).

TIA for any data or anecdotes shared!  (Please if possible put polemic that's 
not accompanied by data or at least anecdote in a separate thread...)


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