[OT] A FLASH in the pan?

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 13:43:45 EST 2011

This looks a bit childish:


However, if this sort of stuff catches on we'll have the "Occupy RunRev" 
and so on.

This is, of course, a typically socialist sort of reaction, (especially 
as the Flash "occupiers" are remaining
anonymous - so gutless they cannot even stand up and take responsibility 
for their actions) when
a much more constructive way of doing things would be to discuss 
everything in an open forum.

As Adobe is a private company it is the business of the shareholders and 
NOT the employees to
make this sort of decision.

Of course those who disapprove of what RunRev are doing have an option; 
they can download MetaCard and fool around with it to their heart's 
delight.  However, while I have "one or two beefs" with RunRev,
I am also well aware that Livecode is not 'mine', nor the 'people's', 
and I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag when it comes to 
providing an alternative.

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