SoCal LUG meeting: Dec 1, Pasadena

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Nov 17 12:00:50 EST 2011

The SoCal LiveCode User Group will be meeting in Pasadena on Thursday, 
Dec 1 - details in the SC LUG forum that Heather graciously set up for 
us in the general LiveCode forums:


Attendance is open to anyone who wants to show up.  The only requirement 
is an interest in bantering about LiveCode for a couple hours.

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to consider 
starting up LiveCode groups in your own communities.

One of the things I've enjoyed about the Ubuntu community is their 
practice of holding Ubuntu Hour events, small local gatherings where the 
members just pick a location and regular meeting time, and show up to 
talk about their favorite tech.

The informality of Ubuntu Hours makes them very easy to set up and keep 
going.  There are no formal presentations, no agendas, and venues are 
simple, often held in a local coffee shop, restaurant, or other public 

What works for Ubuntu users can work for us LiveCoders as well:

LiveCode's audience has grown enough in recent years that most large 
cities - and even a few small ones - probably have enough members to 
make it worth doing.

And by taking a less formal approach to setting them up, they can be 
easy and fun and a great way to share ideas, solve problems, and enjoy 
the company of people who share your interest in LiveCode.

In SoCal, we've enjoyed holding larger meetings in the past, but frankly 
driving time on LA freeways makes it very difficult to do for the region 
as a whole.

So instead it seems much simpler and no less enjoyable to just set up 
smaller local meetups instead.

And these can be done anywhere.  Even in your neighborhood.

Heather has kindly set up a forum for local meetings in the LiveCode forums:


With all the new LiveCode users coming on board there, that's a great 
place to post a note with something like, "I'm in Eau Claire, Wisconsin 
- who wants to meet me this Tuesday for a LiveCode get together at 
Peet's Coffee"?

If the fun we've had in our SoCal group is any indication, you're about 
to have a very good time.  This list is great, the forums are great, and 
LiveCode TV is stellar, but in-person discussion among friends who share 
a common interest as deep as LiveCode is an unmatchable good time.

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