Wasting space on the forum.

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 04:25:15 EST 2011

On 11/17/2011 04:23 AM, Pete wrote:
> Exactly, well said Roger! All this is a matter of personal preference and
> there is so much knowledge in so many areas of expertise  on this list that

If I could just shove my oar in here . . .
>   I will gladly search through as much quoted text as someone wants to
> include if it means I can add another nugget of LC knowledge to my
> collection.

Surely, interpolated messages mean that it easy to which parts of 
previous message components the most recent writer is referring to in 
his/her reply?

> As to the space issue, I've sometimes had posts rejected because they were
> too large, so the list administrator has already set an appropriate space
> limit.
> Pete
> Molly's Revenge<http://www.mollysrevenge.com>
> At the end of the day, we sift through it all, we share nuggets of
>> knowledge, we learn, we make fun, but we still respect our fellow listers
>> regardless of where they post a response.  It's all good.  I appreciate
>> everyone on this list, even space wasters.  Oops, there goes a few more
>> bytes.  :)
>> ˜Roger
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