Wasting space on the forum.

Pete pete at mollysrevenge.com
Wed Nov 16 21:23:49 EST 2011

Exactly, well said Roger! All this is a matter of personal preference and
there is so much knowledge in so many areas of expertise  on this list that
 I will gladly search through as much quoted text as someone wants to
include if it means I can add another nugget of LC knowledge to my

As to the space issue, I've sometimes had posts rejected because they were
too large, so the list administrator has already set an appropriate space

Molly's Revenge <http://www.mollysrevenge.com>

At the end of the day, we sift through it all, we share nuggets of
> knowledge, we learn, we make fun, but we still respect our fellow listers
> regardless of where they post a response.  It's all good.  I appreciate
> everyone on this list, even space wasters.  Oops, there goes a few more
> bytes.  :)
> ˜Roger

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