Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sat Nov 12 12:45:59 EST 2011


Thanks for the link. Great read. Here's my take:

*Adobe is in the process of repositioning Flash from a browser plugin to a
dedicated cross platform application development tool-- just like LC is
right now (assuming LC sees the writing on the wall and tosses the

This makes sense to me. Based on what I read, and our own experience
writing a million dollar Flex web app over the past couple of years, it's
obvious to me how difficult it now is for Flash to be considered a
worthwhile web application enterprise strategy. Add this to the current day
situation of extreme poor performance (if at all) on mobile, their decision
is all but made up for them. I suspect this repositioning will take some
time, and upset some developers, but as mobile and desktop continue to
merge, and HTML5 tools continue to get better, it only makes sense to phase
out Flash, albeit slowly.

Chipp Walters
CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc.

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