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> I am working with an iOS UI that allows portrait and landscape rotation on
> one card but requires that the UI be presented in portrait on all other
> cards. no matter what the actual device rotation is.  The problem arises
> when leaving the card that allows landscape and going to a card that
> requires portrait.  If the user navigates to a "portrait only" card with
> device already in landscape, the UI is skewed.  Is there a way to force the
> auto-rotation without requiring the user to physically rotate the device?
> (I had hoped perhaps some trickery with mobileSetAllowedOrientations and
> mobileLockOrientation /mobileUnlockOrientation.)


We have the same problem here with our 90 Card App. Only some of the cards are 
Landscape which leaves you with the option to leave off the Tab-bar or nav-bar
because if the user is holding the device Landscape-wise then it won't send
a "orientation-changed" message if you click on a tab-bar button and HAVE to go
to a portrait-only card. It will look silly.

In the "early" days, before the "orientation-changed" message was captured there
was a command to "force" the orientation. But that is no longer available.

What we would need for these hybrid orientation systems is that command back to force
the orientation to whatever the card can OFFER, not necessarily how the user is holding the device, or rotating it in sheer panic.
He/she can then just rotate the device because that's obviously necessary in a visible steady way... not because
it looks skewed. Plus it leaves UI-normal direct hops via the tabbar out of reach.

We have ben experimenting with  setting the orientation lock after invisibly going to a Portrait version of the
card currently in Landscape and hoping that the user will grasp what is going on. But is is cumbersome
and sometimes way too slow. We had severe flashes of white parts of cards under 4.6.4.

Michael ? Ben ? Any way that old Force-Orientation command could be re-instated?

best From Berlin


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