OT? Strange behaviour with Parallels/Lion/LC

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Tue Nov 8 17:44:47 EST 2011

This may be a bit OT, but I am running the Windows version of the LiveCode 5 IDE on a Mac with Lion, supporting Windows XP via the latest version of Parallels Desktop (7). I can do all the usual development stuff easily enough, but when I run the app I'm developing **from within the IDE**, a process belonging to Parallels named prl_vm_app goes into overdrive, with the Mac's Activity Monitor reporting over 100% CPU usage. This rate of use goes on even when my script appears to be quiescent, waiting for the next click of the mouse, and even when Parallels is in the background. When I quit my app (but not the IDE) this process goes back to around 6% of CPU time.

I don't think my script does anything unusual, but somehow I am upsetting the Parallels environment. I am pursuing this via Parallels Support, who acknowledge it as a problem but have not yet found a solution - and I don't think I should hold my breath while waiting for one as there are some similar unanswered issues on their database already. 

My question to this list is, has anyone seen anything like this and is there a known workaround?


(in case you're wondering why I'm using the Windows version of the IDE while I have a perfectly good Mac version on the same machine, it's because I am using a Windows-only external, which means my testing has to be in a Windows environment).

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