Formatting ChordPro music charts

Mark Stuart mfstuart at
Tue Nov 8 00:06:39 EST 2011

Hi all,
Anyone familiar with the ChordPro music chart format?
I want to build a desktop app that would allow the user to edit the song
chart, and then print it, all using the ChordPro format.

Editing the chart looks like this:

[A]This is my [D]song
[A]It's not very [D]long

When printed it looks like this:

A          D
This is my song
A             D
It's not very long

The key is printed directly above where the key was entered into the chart.
The printing script would have to read each line, looking for the opening [
square bracket, look for the next closing ] square bracket, and format that
content into a line including spacing based on the line it found the square
brackets on.

I'm not sure how to do that. Anyone with some ideas on this?

Mark Stuart

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