looking for a co-presenter...

Colin Holgate coiin at verizon.net
Thu Nov 3 21:00:36 EDT 2011

On November 12th I'm going to present at the weekly Live LiveCode Code meeting, showing off Director. When I showed Unity and Flash I had a co-presenter who showed LiveCode doing some of the features those other tools are known for. Those meetings went well.

For a partner to show LiveCode doing Director's string points, I was hoping to find someone who can show LiveCode handling some of the media types that Director can handle. Some are easy enough, others are not. Here are the media types Director can play, that LiveCode isn't known for handling:

Custom color palettes.
Byte Arrays
Flash movies
Windows Media
Animated GIFs

There are several other things it handles, but that LiveCode can also use.

So, would anyone be interested in trying to show LiveCode using any of those kinds of media?


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