Leonardo Bezier. How to bring your own Bezier in

Michael Kristensen michael-kristensen at dsa-net.dk
Fri Nov 4 06:48:26 EDT 2011

How to bring your own Bezier drawing in!

As far as I know the drawing app Canvas is the only program that lets you export the Bezier Control Points of a Bezier as a textlist.

Mac Trail: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/1924/canvas
Not working on OSX 10.7

PC Trail: http://www.acdsee.com/en/products/canvas-12

Open the Canvas Trail ( I have nothing to do with that company)

Use the pentool to draw your Bezier.

Make sure you are using pixel as your Unit

When you have finished your drawing go to:

MENU: Object / Object Path Editor / PopupMenu / Copy

Now you have all the Bezier Control Points in memory

Use this script to parse the data in memory in Livecode

on ClipToBezier
   put the clipBoardData[text] into xxx
   replace "," with "." in xxx
   set the itemDel to tab
   repeat with i = 1 to number of lines of xxx
      put trunc(item 1 of line i of xxx) into item 1 of line i of xxx
      put trunc(item 2 of line i of xxx) into item 2 of line i of xxx
   end repeat

   replace tab with "," in xxx
   put xxx    
end ClipToBezier

Now you have a pointList that LiveCode can work with.

You can then replace the points in Custom Prop LeoPoints with your own.


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